DISC (dics?)

Yeah, um, portfolio? Screw that, I still haven’t transformed this dumpster into that.

But anyway, back to our regularly scheduled program.

So we took this personality test that categorizes your tendencies in dealing with people, and there are four categories that you can fall under:

D – Dominant
A D is the bossy, pushy, results-driven kind of person who likes things straightforward, blunt and in black and white. They don’t like the bullshit that comes with people.

I – Interpersonal
An I is the congenial, friendly, emotional, touchy-feelers in a group. They value feelings, theirs and other people’s, more than anything when it comes to dealing with homo sapiens.

S – Steady

An S is the chill, relaxed, easygoing one, who dislikes drastic change and conflict. Pretty much the Zen ones.

C – Conscientious

A C is the obsessive, information-driven, fact-finding one. Rarely relies on emotion to make a decision, and loves patterns, Cs have this very scientific method approach in dealing with others.

Yeah, I’d say everyone(which is pretty much one person) who follows this blog knows where I fell.

And no, its not the S. I’m terribly inconsistent with anything that I do, so nope. If you thought I was an I, then high five! You’re wrong, too. I fell under the C kind of guy, because I pay attention. Unlike you. Oh, and I’m also partly a D, so you can say a word that starts with that fits too.

Anyway, in all honesty, I was surprised. I didn’t think I was a keen guy, and I’d like to think that I was carefree. Turns out, I was wrong(and so are you; this won’t go away lol). Everyone knows I have an IQ north of 150, but I didn’t realize that I took it to extremes. Maybe that’s why I didn’t connect with people as well as I would’ve hoped, and that people generally don’t gravitate towards me. I listen to their stories, but I usually just go “bullshit….bullshit….oh, that’s true, but taken out of context…bullshit…” on them. Which led to more realizations.

I had enough time to see the series 13 Reasons Why. The one where a girl committed suicide and made tapes, 13 of them, on why she did what she did. Its really good. Awfully impacting. Will make an I cry. Anyway, that’s not the main point. I realized that my truth isn’t another person’s truth, and is different from another person’s truth.

I respect that before. Even more so now.

My go-to approach towards people is that I don’t tend to care how they feel, as long as I’m not offending anyone to the point where they do something about it. I’m generally apathetic, and I respond appropriately, but deep inside, I don’t really give a shit. But watching Hannah Baker do that to herself, and learning about this DISC thing, I realized that people are complicated pieces of piled-up shit, and you have to be extra careful in dealing with complicated pieces of piled-up shit, because you’re also a complicated piece of piled-up shit yourself, and you don’t want your complicated piled-up shit to be hurt.

I want to know more details before I come to a conclusion, and when I do, its usually based off of several observed facts. But facts are waaaaay different from truths. Facts are what makes the world, but the truths make it go round. People see and encounter different things in their life, and that’s what makes them who they are.

Other people need to pay more attention to how people are. Not just how they feel. Not just how they act, appear, or say things. Like, how they really are. Its importance is understated. It can prevent wars, because really, wars are just a bunch of people who got their beliefs stepped on by the opposite side. We should ask more, and take notice more.


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