Okay. Let’s begin by saying that professional output? Put on hold. See my Instagram account for details(more like assumptions, but who’s nitpicking).

Anyhow, I’ve been all over the place the last couple of months, and I’m kinda struggling to put everything together. In other words, my life’s in knots right now. But since I’ve been all over the place, I was able to look up a lot of material that I can use for my video editing pleasure, and some really cool photos online(which, will not be for personal use, since well, they’re not mine). Now, all of these things are found on the Internet, and by no means am I claiming them for myself. Consider them as things to get my creative juices running.

Here are some photos from the Golden State Warriors’ Official Facebook Page:

12038000_10153728257447526_2505738778311060410_n 12036392_10153731967377526_7719749641322692190_n 10295789_10153770731882526_8332462546590494545_n

Pretty cool eh? They’re under the hashtag #gswcountdown. I have no idea who exactly takes these photos, but he/she is doing one hell of a job. *insert applause here*

Next up are some shots taken by my best friend, Jeannie, who happens to be a darn good shutterbug herself, not to mention doing what I’m aiming to do here for a living:
10996017_10206911123957620_7305938719707265567_n 11401093_10206624538833171_7615651419049794351_n 11540895_10206911059236002_8383127680059810358_n 11745474_10206911218439982_3312684744594779649_n 11752577_10206911093436857_6782138671363159768_n 12107843_10207519281881188_702154894779433032_n

See what I mean? You can look up more of her work on her website, If you’re getting married at some point soon, or if an event needs coverage, feel free to drop her a line.

Next would be some shots from yours truly, since well, I OUGHT TO POST SOMETHING THAT’S MINE, right?:

1001447_3145199605265_897388581_n 1499445_3678889147170_1490095155_n 1507740_10200227822814596_146111625070238854_n 10415607_4944430704918_1869774513292608004_n 10429833_10200174702046610_2324704817760865262_n 10689494_10200179634689923_4169042585079888525_n 10885116_4930858965633_6746427135836301739_n 11707594_10200704034639594_6645736984570397633_n 11800003_10200704031239509_3594967926587840714_n 11813324_10200704032799548_6117732828731951665_n

You might notice the difference in quality, which is due to the fact that I took these photos using a mobile phone. I’m still working on getting a new camera, so until then, these will do. I can still do a sick editing job though, so if you’re interested, hook me up.

Oh, and can I just say one thing?


Indeed, it is, master. Indeed, it is.


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