Back for a second shot at shame

Or not.

Nonetheless, I’M BAAAACK! But if you’re looking for my posts during my late teenage years and my earlier-than-today twenties, you’ve come to the wrong place. Those posts are gone, like, forever, and the mistakes with them. But not the memories. You can bet they’re stored in this fudged-up head of mine though, for future reference.

Which brings us to what this post is about: the future.

This is me nowadays: a computer nerd who makes his living(!) in front of a computer and absolutely does nothing in front of it as well; which is pretty much the same way I was years ago. Only now, I make money out of this, something that I never thought would be possible when I took on my chosen career.

So feel free to give me a passing remark while you read this, since you already wasted approximately 5 minutes of your time on my blog.

Can’t find the comments section? Loser Here, let me help you:


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